19 Feb 2010

The date of today's post is 19th February 2010, or, 16,388 days since the founding of the Regional Studies Association. A quick 'back of the envelope' calculation tells me that this makes the Association 44 years, 10 months and 11 days old (and looking in great shape)!

The Regional Studies Association was formally constituted at the inaugural meeting on 9th April 1965 - but, to put things in historical context, what else was happening around that time?

Well, it was a historic year in many ways... January saw the passing of one of Britain's most celebrated Prime Ministers - Winston Churchill. Further afield, NASA's Mariner 4 passed Mars and took the first photos of another planet. Back on earth, the Mont Blanc Tunnel opened, providing a new link between Italy and France. On the very day that the Regional Studies Association was inaugurated, the first baseball game took place in the Houston Astrodome in the US, with Mickey Mantle hitting a home run - the first ever indoors. Other sports events of 1965 include Liverpool winning the FA Cup in England, Felice Gimondi of Italy winning the Tour de France, Jack Nicklaus winning the Masters and UCLA winning the NCAA basketball championship in the US.

A fairly selective mini-history there but it's interesting to look back and see what was happening as the RSA was just beginning. If you're interested in finding out more about the history of the RSA, I suggest you go to James Hopkins' web page at the University of Manchester since his research project is all about the origins of the RSA.