2 Mar 2010

One of the most difficult things for young academics trying to establish themselves in their profession is getting published. It's not easy, as this guide explains. In fact, it takes hard work, persistence, and lots of time - and even then there are no real guarantees. Getting a paper accepted for publication is a real boost to confidence, but the converse of this is the dreaded rejection letter - a blow to self-esteem and often some less than flattering comments from the referees!

The people behind Regional Insights know all this, and have begun the publication specifically with early career researchers in mind. What on earth is Regional Insights? Well, here's a preview of how it will look, followed by the publicity blurb:

"Regional Insights is a magazine published by the Regional Studies Association which seeks to make research findings from early career researchers more accessible to a wider audience. Complementing the Association's existing publications, Regional Insights emphasises helping contributors to shape their research into a story which will entertain, engage and inform readers drawn from across academia, policy-makers and practitioners in the field of regional studies. Each issue endeavours to provide coverage of regional issues from across the globe, and to help place-specific issues and findings participate in a more general conversation around issues in Regional Studies."

There has already been a call for papers for Issue 1 and it now has enough contributions, but if you're at the start of your academic career you should consider Regional Insights as a potential outlet for your work. The first issue is due in the Summer of 2010 - look out for it! For more information, see this section on the RSA website.