11 Apr 2010

As the RSA's blogger in residence knows, it takes time for any kind of online content to make an impact. First of all, people have to know where to find your blog or website, then they have to be curious enough to go there, and then they they have to be interested enough to stay there and check things out.

Well, it's still early days with The Regional Studies Blog, but already a global community of users is emerging. Only 11 posts in and we have had users from over 30 nations and hundreds of cities all across the world. Google's technical wizardry gives us some idea about all of this, so here we share it with you...

The Regional Studies Blog - country of origin of users (hello Canada! hello South America! hello Sweden! etc...)

The Regional Studies Blog - city of origin of users (hello Buenos Aires! hello Cape Town! hello Perth! etc...)

...and the top 10 countries by visits to this blog so far

Thanks for visiting and please keep coming back for more!