2 Apr 2010

Those of us interested in regional studies (and who isn't?!) recognise that many regional issues are in fact about planning for the future. In the United States, the America 2050 initiative recognises this and has considered the challenges which will arise in the US over the next 40 years.

America 2050 is a coalition of regional planners, scholars, and policy-makers formed to develop a framework for the nation's future growth that considers trends such as:
  • Rapid population growth and demographic change
  • Global climate change
  • The rise in foreign trade
  • Sprawling and inefficient land use patterns
  • Uneven and inequitable growth within and between regions
  • Infrastructure systems that are reaching capacity
  • The emergence of megaregion
In relation to the last bullet point, a series of high impact maps have been produced, including phasing plans for high speed rail. The Emerging Megaregions map is most interesting and can also be seen above. Overall, America 2050 an interesting website with lots of things to interest members of the Regional Studies Association (and those who aren't yet members!).