9 May 2010

The RSA blogger is, like many other RSA members, earnestly preparing for the excitement that awaits in Pécs (not to mention busy preparing the conference paper!). However, his knowledge of all things Magyar is somewhat under-developed at present so he has been brushing up and will now share some nuggets. For further information, see the multi-lingual Tourism in Hungary website.

This is the route from Budapest (zoom and pan for more detail):

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Hungary has an official channel on YouTube with lots of interesting videos, including this excellent one on Pécs.

Of course, everyone going to a Regional Studies conference in Hungary should know the main regions of Hungary! The seven statistical regions (NUTS 2) are not the same as the ones below. Southern Transdanubia (where Pécs is) has a population of around 1 million people.

Hungary has of course been an EU Member State since 1 May 2004 and is not currently using the Euro. The local currency is the Forint. The RSA blog does not deal in standard purchasing power parity measures but some information on other parity measures can be found at pintprice.com, which does exactly what it says in the web address. To save you a click, current evidence suggest a €1.20 lager.

The telephone code for Hungary is 36, the current population is just over 10 million and the weather during the conference is likely to be 'warm' (20c +), though how you interpret this will obviously differ if you come from Norway or Portugal, etc...

With the conference programme now in place, all that remains is for everyone to finish their papers, pack their bags, meet in Pécs and have a great time...

Addendum: 12 May 2010. The RSA Blogger recognises that not all conference delegates will be fluent in the local language. So, these resources from the BBC should at least allow us all to say 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thankyou' (or should I say 'jó napot', 'viszontlátásra' and 'köszönöm').