5 Jun 2010

Some developments from England that will no doubt interest/concern the RSA membership... Now that the United Kingdom is ruled by a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition it seems that major changes to regional planning are imminent.

A key policy development is the move to abolish Regional Spatial Strategies in England (things work a bit differently in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland...). The new Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has said that the regional planning regime in England should no longer carry any weight in relation to planning decisions.

Does this make sense? Will it work? Why is it happening? The answers to these questions are for another time and place.

This post will end with a couple of images. Both display a 'commuting intensity' surface for England and Wales. Areas in red are effectively large functional urban areas. In the first image the black lines show the existing Government Office Regions. In the second, the black lines are local authority areas.