16 Sep 2010

It's fairly safe to assume that RSA members are interested in such things as who lives where and how many of them are there. Perhaps this interest stems from geography lessons at school or perhaps it stems from an inherent curiosity about places. Either way, it doesn't really matter. The fact is, we (and many others) are interested in different kinds of places wherever they are in the world.

One enthusiast has taken this enthusiasm a step further. Thomas Brinkhoff's City Population website contains a huge amount of data and information on exactly that. There are data on all sorts of city-related subjects and for all nations. The geographical units used include agglomerations and there is often up to date information on national census outputs from different countries. For example, Thomas notes that the Quatar census recently reported a population of 1,696,563 (a 128% increase from six years ago!).

You can also impress your friends with such facts as the population of Zemgale, Latvia (279,809 in 2010). Of course, all good regional studies enthusiasts already knew this.

One final (incredibly useful) resource here is the table of links to National Statistial Offices. You never know when you'll next need to know the population of Vanuatu (234,023 in case you're asking).