4 Oct 2010

It's been a while since the last 'Focus on' blog post, so it's now time for another one. Today's post is on EPRC - that is, the European Policies Research Centre. The EPRC is based at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) and they are, as the name suggests, a research centre focusing on European Policies. Here's what the website says:

"As a research institute … EPRC has specialised in regional and industrial development in Europe for over 30 years and provides research expertise for both public and private organisations across a range of policy areas - regional, economic, labour market, innovation and environmental - covering all the countries of the EU27 and neighbouring states."

The Centre is headed by Professor John Bachtler with a range of other experienced staff. EPRC work with partners throughout Europe (see map below) and have a range of expertise in many European nations. Most impressively, perhaps, is the fact that they are able to answer the telephone in (at least) eight different languages!

The publications section of the website is evidence of the kind of activity which occurs at EPRC. At the time of writing there are 1127 publications recorded!