20 Oct 2010

Today's post is all about the beauty of statistics, as expressed by Hans Rosling et al. at Gapminder. You may or may not have heard of this website, but it truly is a work of art - not to mention an amazing example of the power of statistics to inform, inspire and entertain! Before we go any further, take a look at the video below - this shows you the kind of thing on offer...

You can look at the Health and Wealth of Nations and play with the charts using the global trends tool. You can explore the raw data. You can look at the huge number of videos - another example shown below is of population growth using IKEA boxes!

As you can probably tell, the RSA blog squad like Gapminder. Since we're interested in regions, change, trends, and all sorts of related stuff we thought we'd pass it on... You can also access resources for download, access a special area for teachers, and explore some more unique datasets in Gapminder Labs.

Have fun!