11 Oct 2010

The Regional Studies Association hosted its annual President's Event - this year at London's famous Ritz Hotel. There is a full set of photos from the event on the pages of the official RSA website but the Regional Studies blog has picked a few for you. If you've not yet been to one of these events, there's always next year!

Sir Peter Hall (centre) - President of the RSA

The hotel was just about up to our standards... Mario, Pedro and Frank think about it.

Regions Editor Frank Peck with a much-deserved glass of wine!

Lisa Bibby-Larsen and David Bailey

RSA Legends John Bachtler and Mike Danson

The event itself was memorable since it allowed the RSA to honour several people during the prize ceremony. John Bachtler was the main award winner but there were also many more. You can read more about this in a future edition of Regions. The location of next year's event is likely to be just as exciting...