25 Feb 2011

Some new GDP data from Eurostat was published yesterday. The data are for 2008 and cover the 27 Member States. When you look at the data for NUTS 2 level the results are very interesting. When you account for purchasing power standards and index the EU average at 100, the highest figure is Inner London, at 343. The lowest figure is for the Bulgarian region of Severozapaden - officially the poorest region in the EU by this measure.

Here's how it looks on the map. First in 2D, then in 3D (just for effect!)...

The geographical patterns are quite clear, and in general they are not surprising. However, they are quite striking. Bulgaria and Romania are the member states with the greatest percentage of poorest EU regions, though there is a wide dispersal of regions at 75% or below the EU27 average. The full set of data referred to is on a Eurostat pdf and can also be viewed on the Eurostat website.