11 Apr 2011

In previous posts we've covered where Newcastle is and what you can do there. The latter post, in particular, is very useful if you want to get to know the city better. With only one week to go until the conference itself, however, you may not have time to think about that. You may be more worried about getting that conference paper finished (or started!), finalising your PowerPoint slides or dusting off that suit and tie/ballgown for the conference meal. You're too busy to read blog posts right now, so here's the 'need to know' on Newcastle (if you're from the UK or you already know all this, please forgive us!)...

  • In mid-2009 (latest data) the population of Newcastle (i.e. the local authority area) was 284,300
  • The population of the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear was 1,106,300 in mid-2009 (this is more like the metro area in US terms)
  • The population of the wider city region was 1,651,000
  • People from the Newcastle area are known as 'Geordies' - just in case you didn't know!
  • The local speciality tipple is Newcastle Brown Ale (photo above) - try it!
  • The average high temperature in April is 11C or 52F - you may need a coat...
  • There are many different places called 'Newcastle' in the UK - the one we're going to is actually called 'Newcastle-upon-Tyne'
  • The Evening Chronicle is the local daily paper
  • Saying football is popular in Newcastle would be something of an understatement!
In relation to the last point, you may like to know that Newcastle United are playing Manchester United on Tuesday 19th April at 19:45. As of today, tickets are still available...

See you in Newcastle!