23 Jun 2011

As many RSA members will know, there are two international conferences next year. One is in the lovely Dutch city of Delft. The other is in Beijing from 24 to 26 June. The call for papers for Beijing can be found here, but the point of this post is to begin to think about China in a comparative sense as we look towards 2012 and the arrival of hundreds of RSA boffins in the Chinese capital. The RSA GIS experts have overlaid China onto the European area in order to provide a quick comparison. This is then done for the United States as well*. The moral of the story for now? China is BIG! (click any map to view it in full size)

* Apologies to Canadians and Russians - your countries are just too big! For keen geographers, the map projection used here is the Behrmann Equal Area Cylindrical so you'll see a bit more distortion than is desirable but then the internet is not spherical so what else can we do?