25 Jul 2011

While it's still almost a full year away, it's never too early to plan your trip to the RSA's Global Conference in Beijing China in June! For those of us in Europe, why try and get a deal on one of those budget airlines when you can go in style via train! Yes, it is possible to travel those thousands of kilometres using European and Trans-Siberian railway routes, although I hope you aren't in any hurry!

After departing for Russia, a leisurely train ride to Moscow hooks you up with the Trans-Siberian railway. From there you can choose from one of two routes, the Trans-Mongolian line (completed in the 1950s) via Mongolia or the Trans-Manchurian line (built around 1900). Trains 3 and 4 via Mongolia use Chinese rolling stock and trains 19 and 20 via Manchuria use Russian rolling stock. Both trips take six days and pass through a myriad of country-side towns and villages.

Have a look at the scenery along a section of the route below, or even better explore the virtual journey created by Russian Railways on Google Maps.

See you in Beijing 2012!