9 Aug 2011

Being bike friendly isn't always easy, especially when when it's pouring rain or you have a small blizzard to contend with, but a number of European cities are trying to make that cycling commute a bit easier by signing onto the Charter of Brussels. The European Cyclists Federation urges cities to sign onto the Charter and in doing so commit to promoting cycling as an integrated mode of transportation by setting measurable targets related to modal share and promoting bicycle safety. Take a look at the Google Map below to see if your city has signed the Charter.

View Charter of Brussels Signatories in a larger map

Apart from being one of the most sustainable forms of transportation around, a bike is also a great way to explore a city, region or even country, whether it's your own or you are there as a tourist. The OpenCycleMap is a great resource for finding those nearby bike paths, it shows European cycling networks for tons of countries at the local level (blue) as well as that all important regional (light blue) and national level.

So the next time you feel like taking your car to buy some bread and milk, why not take your bike instead?