20 Sep 2011

It's a very busy time for most RSA members, and particularly so for the RSA office as they prepare for next year's conferences in Delft and Shanghai. Here at RSA blog HQ (an imaginary land where time stands still...) we're looking forward to both conferences and the Chinese one in particular (but we still love Delft!). With this in mind, we've been looking at recent data from the Chinese and US censuses in order to familiarise ourselves with the vastness of China. Thus, we've produced a comparison graphic showing some Chinese provinces, US states and EU countries... (click it to enlarge)

Some interesting facts emerge from this analysis, and not just the huge population of China as a whole (1.3 billion people). For example, the province level municipality of Shanghai has more people than Romania (23.0 million vs. 22.0 million) and more people live in Beijing (19.6 million) than New York state (19.4 million). Germany's population of 81.8 million is not that different from Sichuan province at 80.4 million. Shanxi province and California both have a population of around 37.3 million (as does Poland!). Click the image above for more.

This analysis is rather rudimentary but that's not the point here. Instead, we just want to provide more of an insight into the city and the country which will host one of our 2012 conferences.

Data links: 
Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, in English.
US Census 2010, also in English - and Dutch, and Chinese and all sorts of other languages...