1 Sep 2011

The question of whether we are able to specify a 'science of cities' is open to debate but there is a vast literature in urban planning and geography which explores such ideas - and not just in some kind 'old-fashioned' quantitative revolution way. Indeed, some of the main journals in the field of Regional Studies have been occupied - at least in part - with such questions for many years.

So it is with great interest that we note the arrival of a new website from the people at CASA - and Professor Mike Batty in particular. The new Science of Cities website pulls together a treasure trove of information on the subject and - for those less keen on models - lots of lovely images of cities, city structure and city flows. Also linked here is Professor Batty's commentary piece from earlier in 2011 on 'when all the world's a city', about the largest city people haven't heard of (but more about Chongqing in future). For now, you might just want to check out the web site...

P.S. Did you know that Mike Batty was almost certainly the inspiration for The Beatles? Well, kind of. He was in the same class as John Lennon at Quarry Bank High School for Boys in Liverpool (UK).