2 Feb 2012

For several years The Atlantic, a US based magazine, has had a special section dedicated to cities. Among its contributors are Richard Florida, whose contributions you can find in this link. But there is a plethora of information on urban environments that is often useful and informative. Recently for instance, the magazine published an article on the Geography of persistent unemployment in the US, showing areas where unemployment has been at least two points above the national average for the last 20 years.

It also has case-study based articles, talking about the impact of deindustrialisation in cities across the US, such as this one. Even if many of its articles reflect on urban experiences in the USA, there is a significant amount of information about other parts of the world. You can for example find a chart of Africa's greenest cities (see below) or pictures of Kazakhstan's new subway system!

Overall this section of The Atlantic is an interesting source of non-academic information and a space for debate on a topic that is still relatively underrepresented in the media. It is also a useful way for academics to see how some of their work could be discussed in different contexts and how it could be used to influence public debates on issues that matter to the RSA community.