9 Feb 2012

Given that Sally Hardy (the RSA's Chief Executive) is working at UCLA's Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies during the European winter months, we thought we'd look again at regional initiatives in the United States. There is much to be learned from cross-national comparisons but in the field of regional studies it is perhaps less common to make comparisons between the US and Europe - for a number of very good reasons.

Nonetheless, we're turning our attention today to the Regional Plan Association, an organisation which provides long-term planning for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan region. Before going any further, here's what a few important people have to say about the RPA...

We've previously blogged about one of the RPA's initiatives on these pages (America2050) so it's about time we said just a little more about its parent organisation, given its relevance to what many RSA members do.

The first thing to note is that the RPA is nothing new - in fact, it has been around since 1922 and published its First Plan in 1929. The RSA is not quite that old, but we're working on it...

The RPA's Second Plan was published in 1968 and the Third Plan in 1996. As stated on the RPA website, the work of the RPA at present is:

"aimed largely at implementing the ideas put forth in the Third Regional Plan, with efforts focused in five project areas: community design, open space, transportation, work force and the economy, and housing."

These themes obviously have real significance to the objectives, activities and membership of the RSA. Why not take some time to explore the RPA website, or just check out the video above?