28 Oct 2012

On the 11th of September this year, we reported on this blog that RSA Chief Executive Sally Hardy was planning to cycle from London to Slovenia. We were informed that, contrary to popular belief, this was not simply a new RSA membership drive but instead a much more ambitious charity fund-raising adventure that would pass through 7 countries in 16 days of riding. Given Sally's popularity across Europe, she had to take with her two personal security operatives, by the names of Roy Clarke and Rob Blackman. Well, actually, this isn't quite true - Rob and Roy are keen cyclists like Sally and were up for the challenge. The route? See the map below...

Now we are able to exclusively report that Sally, Rob and Roy completed this epic cycle in a total of 18 days (16 days of riding), covering 1320.42 miles (2,125.01 km) miles in 94 hours and 20 minutes. The elevation gain was 10,718m (1,870m higher than Mount Everest) and the average speed was over 14 mph (22.5 kmph). 

Some more stats: median distance per day was 74 miles (120 km), maximum distance in a day was 109 miles (175 km), longest day on bike was 8 hours 15 minutes.

And now some photos to complete the story...

Roy, Rob and Sally in Schaffhausen, Germany 

Rob, Roy and Sally at the Slovenian border

Welcome party in Ljubljana
With British Ambassador Andrew Page
With Peter Wostner, RSA member and Secretary to Slovenian
 Ministry of Economic Development and Technology