21 Nov 2012

Some Euro mapping today, from the wonderful web pages of Ben Hennig, author of the Views of the World blog at the University of Sheffield. Ben recently looked at the financial state of the European Union in a series of maps and his latest blog goes one better - it visualises the EU budget with a series of population-weighted cartograms (for which Ben is famous). This is no easy task, since the EU budget is famously complex but of particular interest for us here at the RSA blog were the first two maps on 'Paying In' and 'Paying Out', which we've reproduced below in miniature (click the image to make it bigger).

Source: Views of the World, by Ben Hennig

This mapping has been done at the Member State level but if you dig deeper on Ben's blog you'll also find some NUTS-level mapping on the economy of the EU, once again in population-weighted fashion. Beyond EU mapping, there are literally hundreds of fascinating posts, which we think will be of real interest to Regional Studies Association members.

Note: Dr Ben Hennig works at the University of Sheffield's Department of Geography and is originally from Germany. You can find out more about him via his blog profile.