16 Jan 2013

The deadline for abstract submission for the Regional Studies Association European Conference is fast approaching (Sunday 27th January). This year the conference is hosted by the University of Tampere in Finland and will take place from 5th - 8th May. The conference theme is 'Shape and Be Shaped: the future dynamics of regional development'.

The central idea underpinning the RSA 2013 conference in Tampere is that there is now an urgent need to better to understand how regions and localities can adapt to current challenges and deal with the wicked issues of sustainability by developing new multi-actor governance, policy-making and leadership capacities. The conference offers researchers and workers in local and regional development an opportunity to collectively explore and discuss these key issues from a multitude of perspectives and with different theoretical standpoints and with empirical observations from different parts of the world. Papers are welcomed from all – academics, students and those working in policy and practice. The event is inclusive

offering networking opportunities in our field. Proposals are sought for special sessions, themed workshops and innovative forms of networking and collaboration. 

The Gateway Themes are:

A. Innovation and knowledge economies

B. Urban futures: business, planning and logistics

C. Rural futures: economic and social perspectives

D. Regional economies and competitiveness

E. Leadership in local and regional development

F. Local and regional governance

G. Territorial politics and policy

H. Creativity, identities and branding

I. EU regional policy and practice

J. Territorial cohesion and co-operation

K. Sustainability and climate change

L. Labour markets and migration

M. Social justice, housing and civil society

N. Borders, border regions and cross border learning

O. Tourism and regional development

P. Spatial planning and practice

Q. Special Sessions

The Special Sessions cover also cover a diverse range of topics:

I. Wellbeing and place

II. Policy agency and leadership in regional innovation systems

III. Regional history – Between Time and Space

IV. Innovative regional development in non-metropolitan regions

V. City-region futures

VI. Cluster Life Cycles: Theory, Empirics and Policy

Please see the RSA website for abstract, submission, registration, contact details and further information.