5 Jun 2013

Regional Insights focuses on publishing short articles from students and early career researchers (up to five years from Ph.D. date) to make their research accessible to all members of the Regional Studies Association. Regional Insights’ articles are characterised by having a ‘regional’ focus and by succinctly conveying a ‘fresh idea’ to the readership.

The editors of Regional Insights are currently seeking submissions of paper proposals for short articles (max. 3,000 words) for future editions. Contributions are welcomed from any discipline in the field of regional studies and with any geographical focus. The ‘regional’ dimension may vary from trans-national spaces with fuzzy boundaries to clearly defined spaces at the sub-national level. RSA members are particularly invited to submit a paper proposal for consideration.

Paper proposals should use the following headings, and adhere strictly to the word-limits provided:
  • A title of no more than ten words
  • A summary of the ‘fresh idea’ in no more than 40 words
  • An abstract of 150 words
  • Introduction to the problem addressed in the paper (200 words)
  • Background to the case study, and the main empirical evidence offered (200 words)
  • Analysis of key points & messages from the empirical case (200 words)
  • Conclusions and implications for academics, policy and practice. (200 words)
  • A short bio (giving institution and date of PhD if applicable)

The next deadline for paper proposals is 15th July 2013.

Submissions will be evaluated for their originality, novelty and quality: successful paper proposals will be invited to submit a full paper for inclusion in a forthcoming edition.

The launch edition as well as the editors’ choice of each issue is available to view online for free at the Regional Insights’ section of the RSA website.

Regional Insights seeks to work closely with contributors throughout the drafting process to help bring their ideas to the attention of the wider audience. Regional Insights uses a constructive reviewing process, and accepted authors will be supported by a named corresponding editor who will produce supportive feedback to guide the author towards a high-quality article.

To submit a paper proposal or for further information, please contact:
Julie Porter, Regional Insights Editor, at PorterJ2@cf.ac.uk.

Paul Benneworth; Paul Braidford; Beatrix Haselsberger; Sabrina Lai & Julie Porter. Editors, Regional Insights