13 Jun 2013

The newest edition of Regional Insights, a magazine published by the Regional Studies Association which seeks to make research findings from early career researchers more accessible to a wider audience, is now out.

This issue has a range of articles available for those interested in regional issues, including:
  • Gordon Dabinett on 'A changing academic publishing environment'
  • Mikko Weckroth on 'Studying local expressions of subjective well-being'
  • Darja Reuschke on 'Housing assets, mortgages and small businesses'
  • Jose M Salazar & Peodair Leihy on 'Chilean public regional universities, from national outposts to local resources'
  • Christopher Huggins on 'Motivations behind local government transnational networking'
  • Alexandru F Ghiţă on 'Cohesion Policy vs regionalisation: an unexpected inner conflict?'
  • Derek Jan Fikkers on 'How to make a €9.2bn broadband investment completely useless'
  • Christoph Schnabel on 'Place-based, faith-based: socio-spatial capacity of the German Evangelical Church'
  • Rómulo Pinheiro on 'Recent Publications'
  • Piet Pellenbarg on 'Forgotten Classics'
  • and Mark Tewdwr-Jones with 'One for the road…'
The online edition of the publication is available here, have a look!