17 Dec 2013

This week is an exciting one for us. The 2013 RSA International Conference is taking place at this moment in Los Angeles, and while that is happening, the first papers of the new Open Access journal Regional Studies, Regional Science (RSRS) are online. Featured also in the conference, RSRS is meant to open a new chapter in online academic publishing for the Regional Studies Association, and to bring forth new opportunities for all academics.

If you are missing the RSA International Conference this year and you want to find out more about RSRS you can visit the RSRS website hosted by Taylor & Francis and get started on the reading right away, or you can watch the interview with the Editors-in-Chief of RSRS, Alasdair Rae & Alex Singleton, that T&F put online.

First Papers of Regional Studies, Regional Science

In the first papers Alasdair Rae & Alex Singleton talk about Open access and Regional Studies, Regional Science; Andrew Beer & Terry Clower draw attention to issues relating to Mobilizing leadership in cities and regions; Sarah Ayres takes this further and focuses on Place-based leadership: reflections on scale, agency and theory; and John Gibney asks us: Don’t lose sight of context: a commentary on mobilizing cities and regions.

But that is not all! As RSRS is aimed at promoting Early Career Researchers (continuing this way the idea behind Regional Insights) a special Early Career section has been put in place, which aims to help students and early career researchers to make their research accessible to a wider audience including the members of the Regional Studies Association (RSA).

Early Career Call for Papers: Regional Studies, Regional Science

The editors of the Early Career Papers section are currently seeking submissions of paper proposals for short articles (max. 3,000 words) that will be published on a continuous basis as part of the open access format. Contributions are welcomed from any discipline in the field of regional studies and with any geographical focus. The ‘regional’ dimension may vary from trans-national spaces with fuzzy boundaries to clearly defined spaces at the sub-national level. Authors can be students or early career researchers that have completed their PhD in the last five years. RSA members are particularly invited to submit a paper proposal for consideration; however, RSA membership is not a prerequisite for submission.

The next deadline for paper proposals is 15th February 2014. For submissions you can contact Julie Porter, Editor-in-Chief of the Early Career Papers Section.