28 Jan 2014

Regional Studies 48 (1) - New Times, Shifting Places - marks the handover of Regional Studies to a new editorial team. Regional Studies performs a unique role in the integrated analysis of cities and regions, reflected in its growing popularity and status as the flagship journal for people studying regions. 
The circumstances for regional research have changed greatly over the last five years or so, presenting a different context for relevant scholarship and debates. With a long history of publishing original research spanning the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions of regional change, and typically based on multi- and interdisciplinary approaches, the journal is pluralist- encouraging diverse perspectives and analytical techniques. 
Regional Studies has a healthy and increasing number of submissions, reflected in the move to publishing twelve issues in 2014. The editors aim to publish papers only of: high academic quality and originality, with a regional (sub-national) focus, empirically grounded, methodologically sound and clearly situated within a wider framework of debates.
The twelve articles in this special issue have been selected by the editors to provide a fair representation of the scope and character of Regional Studies today. Policy relevance, and quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods all feature strongly. Central themes of the collection include continuity and change in regions, the influence of internal and external networks, entrepreneurship and creativity, migration and local labour markets, urbanization and development, and the quality of government and governance. 
As a team the editors look forward to seeing how this increasingly vibrant and international field develops and what path breaking, innovative and relevant research the journal will receive and publish. 
Contents: Regional Studies 48 (1)