15 Apr 2014

We are happy to announce that a specially organised Students & Early Careers Knowledge Exchange Session will be held along with RSA’s forthcoming Global Conference in Brazil between 27th and 30th April.

This Special Session, scheduled on the 28th April, is organised as one of a series of Students & Early Careers Social Events that are kindly sponsored by the RSA. The ultimate aims of the year-round Social Event Series are to provide a platform for students and early career members to share ideas with each other and with senior scholars; socialize with peer members; develop and disseminate their fascinating research; and learn practical skills from established academics.

This time, the Brazil Special Session will focus on knowledge exchange among students and early careers. The format of this special session will be a round-table discussion. Specifically, the round table will include:

1) A 5 minutes presentation of each of the attendees ‘Big Research Ideas’ or ‘Research Inspirations’;
2) A 5-10 minutes open discussions from our specially invited, well-established academics as commentators, as well as other students/early careers;
3) 10 minutes final summaries from the commentators and the chair of the session;
4) Travel insights of Brazil & local pubs suggestions for following up discussions, offered by our local students/early career participants
5) Feedback session for our Students & Early Career Social Events.

The event aims to provide an informed and relaxed environment for students and early careers to exchange ideas as well as receiving feedback from established scholars. Detail of some the students & early careers’ ‘Big Ideas’ are to follow.