21 Jul 2015

Between 25 and 27 November, 2015 the RSA Conference in China will take place in Hangzhou, China. The conference is built around "Harmonious Development, Common Prosperity and the Transformation of Cities and Regions".

As part of the conference you are invited to submit papers covering a variety of issues including:
  • International co-operation, infrastructure investment, finance and cross-border relationships (including the Silk Road Economic Belt' and the '21st Century Maritime Silk Road', internal and external EU borders);
  • Sustainable urbanization and regional development;
  • Nature, resource scarcity climate change and regional development;
  • Industrial policy, industrial structure, clusters, global value chains and production networks, smart specialization and spatial shift;
  • Trade, E-commerce, intellectual property and regional development;
  • Employment, labour markets and social inclusion;
  • Population dynamics, migration and urban and regional development;
  • The role of universities, public research and technology diffusion and transfer in economic development;
  • Regional and urban planning;
  • Global production networks and international relations;
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Finance, financialization and regional and urban development;
  • Regional planning and policy;
  • Methods of urban and regional analysis and data including open and big data;
  • The social, institutional and ethical foundations of global development (including for example western Enlightenment ideas and ways of seeing urban and regional development, Confucian thought and East Asian models, developmental versus liberal states). Mutual respect, national independence and urban and regional development. Universal theory versus the social and geographical specificity of development.

The deadline for the paper submissions is 31st July 2015,and should be done using the Regional Studies Association online portal. Registration and submission is available on the Regional Studies Association website at: www.regionalstudies.org/conferences.

Submissions should take the form of 400-500 words abstracts (text only! no pictures, graphs or tables). 

For information concerning the event and/or registration fees and further details and questions regarding abstract submission  please visit the RSA online portal dedicated page of the conference, or contact Elizabeth Mitchell directly at elizabeth.mitchell [at] regionalstudies.org.